was created by Stephen Ostermiller. He found that many other tools to generate random passwords were:

Ease of Use is designed to be easy to use. A list of possible passwords is presented when you visit. You don't need to do anything other than choose one. The only controls are a drop down for choosing password strength and a button for generating new passwords. Other sites are harder to use:

High Quality Passwords shows only passwords that are very random. It provides information about just how many possible passwords it can generate and how secure passwords of various lengths are against brute force attack. Other password creators use less secure algorithms such as:

Memorable Passwords can create passwords and pass phrasses based on dictionary words that are much easier to remember than passwords with only random numbers, letters, and symbols. Many password creation tools only generate random character passwords.

Security uses these security measures to ensure that passwords are securely generated:

About Stephen Ostermiller

Stephen is computer programmer with a degree in Computer Science from Cornell University. You can find his other projects here: